Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Foliage

    Thousands of visitors come to Maine in the Fall to view our beautiful and vibrant fall foliage. The trees change from green to red, yellow, orange, purple, and brown. It is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is cool, and comfortable, you can wear a sweatshirt, or a t-shirt and be comfortable either way. It’s the time for annual fairs, apple picking (nothing like a crisp and tart apple right off the tree!), hot apple cider, and hot cocoa, but the splendor of the fall foliage is what really brings people to New England.

    According to the following types of trees produce yellow leaves: Green and black ash, basswood, beech, birches, butternut, and elm. In the maple species - boxelder, mountain, silver, striped and sugar, mountain ash, poplar, serviceberry, willow, and witch hazel. Red and scarlet leaves come from Red, mountain, and sugar maples; black, red, scarlet and white oak; hornbeam, sumac and tupelo trees. White ash and witch hazel produce purple leaves, and white and black oak generate brown leaves.

    The changes in color are a result of the trees preparing for the change of season, summer to winter. The leaves stop producing food due to the change of daylight and temperature, which affects the chlorophyll and causes the green pigment to break down and as a result we see the underlying colors. Other aspects of the weather also affect the color, vibrancy and depth of the colors, such as; amount of sunshine, moisture, and temperature (warm days and cool but not freezing nights) all affect the foliage.
     The best week for Peak Color in southern and coastal Maine is October 13th-19th according to You will find peak color south of Portland, Sebago Lake region, Bridgton, Limerick, Waterboro, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells/Ogunquit, and York. So make you reservation here at The Mariner Resort, sit on the balcony with your coffee or hot cocoa and take in the beautiful foliage as you look out towards the marsh and ocean. Don’t forget to bring your camera because you’ll want to share and remember these beautiful images!